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Printmaking in Tarrafal 3/3

Adildo - who is in charge of Culture in Tarrafal - invited me to join the feast of the Municipality.

I was thrilled to join this party. I had tables and chairs which made it much more comfortable to set my little printmaking atelier. I am still very glad with my little OpenPress etching press. It is so easy to set.

So there I was on the main square of Tarrafal wondering if children would come.

I didn't have to wait long. They were first attracted to the paper and pencils. Shyly they asked me if they could draw. Once they felt at ease, they started drawing. Very quickly there was no more spare place on the table.

I was glad a what older young guy came too because every time I would see him in the village, he would ask me money, what I don't give. I prefer to participate to the community by buying painting material and more importantly sharing my time. So to come back to the young guy. He recognised me and asked whether he also could participate. He was very glad when I encouraged him to do so. He made many drawings and thanked me, which felt good to me.

Here he is on the left, behind the girl.

The etching press also attracted the children. It is always a kind of magic to first engrave the plate - here the fruit juice "tetra pack" material . They don't always understand how it works though. Therefore I really need to show them. But once they understood the principle they are gone.

This time was also different as the families would come too. It gave me the opportunity to chat with adults that I meet on the street or in the shops. I felt they were thankful I was teaching new techniques to the children.

They were adopting me even more which is a good feeling.

Thank you Adildo for this opportunity, as for the pictures of me.

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