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Portraits of Cabo Verde : Nilza and her family

All along my trip I meet nice people. I thought it would be nice to talk about our encounter. Nilza was the reason for me to go to Tarrafal.

Nilza is Tania's aunt with whom I worked back in Belgium. I had promised Tania to visit her family in Tarrafal.

So when I arrived the first time I asked where was the house of Tibet, her grand pa', and met Nilza at the same time.

She is a very kind lady, always worried that all is good with everyone. When she heard I was not sleeping well onboard Giulia because of the wind, she offered me to sleep at her home. Every morning I would have a delicious Cachoupa - one of Cabo Verde national plate - with egg and fried fish.

Back onboard, I was always welcome at her home. She served me delicious meals. Once taking she asked me whether I had recipes for cakes.

I was fond to share them with her, to thank her of her kindness.

Her preferred recipe was the Doña Amelia. It had such a success that we baked it a few times.

She also was curious of Giulia, and came to visit my boat with her daughter Aslin. The latter was really enthusiastic as she loves to be on a boat, her mother glad to see Giulia but less at ease.

She also invited me to a big party at the D' Botche da Rocha beach. It was a nice experience to spend all day, barbecuing, swimming, eating and chatting. It was nice to participate to the local life.

When I was about to leave, she asked me whether I could paint her restaurant with her father - the owner - in front. It felt good to thank her that way for her good care and making my stay in Tarrafal so special.

Thank you Nilza and your lovely family!
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