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CANARIES - Tenerife

I discovered Tenerife, at the right time with few tourists, and it was worth it. The volcano El Teide and its surrounding plateau just magnetised me. Every time I would be back onboard I would long to be back there. So I did. I visited a few other places but El Teide was certainly the highlight of my stay.


There was something about this place, the lights, the rocks, the vibrations that brought me every day back. I would brave the freezing temperatures, put more layers, sit in the sun and search protection from the wind but I had to return.

I also loved  to sit in the Garachico's plaza and streets and draw. Inhabitants would sit for a chat. There was something very sweet about this place.

I had even time to draw when I sailed to La Palma.

And a few walks around the coast ...

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