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I drew and painted all along my first Ocean passage. It was my way to fix my memories and also to calm me down. 

After that, on a trip back to Belgium, I had the opportunity to work in the printmaking atelier of the Centre de la Gravure de La Louvière, and create a book inspired by my sketches.

You can read the sailing stories going to Lymington (top) and to Flores (bottom) by clicking on each image. 


I didn't have time to paint, so I made many sketches. Somehow they obliged me to go to the essence.

By clicking on the image you will have more information about it.

I stayed long in Lymington, and the summer was perfect for painting, warm and dry.

Then I left to the west, with the intention to cross from Falmouth to the Azores, documenting my travel.

And I left for my first Ocean passage solo ever. Animals, Giulia and my pencils were my best companions.

I made this leporello book to convey the movement on the water, and the rhythm of a passage. I made drypoint inspired by my sketches of the passage.