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Interview with Cess from les Menstruelles

I met Cess of the Collective Les Menstruelles in Tarrafal of São Nicolau. She was recording a program about women that sail. She interviewed me in a café. It was for me a new and very enriching experience. I felt honored to be part of her program with Sophie and Mélanie. It was broadcasted in France and Belgium.


Here is how she describes their approach:


“The program was realized by the Les Menstruelles, a collective of lady radio producers.

Producing a radio program, as writing a book, is a work of author, that chooses a way to question, to position herself, and to edit. A documentary is a form of journalism close to the reality, where the producer intentionally keeps close to it. To be sensitive to the speech of whose been interviewed is the least that can happen, and is somehow often the only interest.”



You can listen the program on their blog and other ones: just click on the image !

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