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As a sailor and biologist the ocean fascinates me.

I can spend hours contemplating the water, trying to grasp its mysteries:

how a cloud reflects on the water creating subtle shades of blue or other unexpected hues? How the sun vibrates on the surface? How subtle movements on the blue announce a presence underneath?

I never get bored of trying to translate these emotions with my paintbrushes or later with printmaking.


In Flores, because the island has high cliffs you can see how the clouds reflect on the Ocean. I made this series to thank Camille for her support during my recovery of the treatments of breast cancer. They hang in her massage room. I also made a poster that is been sold in Flores.

This series is also made in Flores after my solo passage. This experience made me go within, and come out again through painting. I made a birthday calendar that is also sold in Flores.

In Terceira, I would love to go where the winter storms hit the shore.

The magnetism of the ocean would be stronger than the fear to once be caught in such conditions when at sea.

The Marines evolve as the sailing voyage bring more introspection. These were painted during and after the passage from Algarve to Porto Santo.