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Madeira - the main island of the archipelago of the same name -attracted me for its lush vegetation, and I was not disappointed. The mountainous topography offered impressive views. The levadas - irrigation canals on the side of the mountain - brought me in the middle of wonderful valleys. Water everywhere, green also. Follow my steps in this fascinating island.


The levadas are irrigation canals that bring the water from the cascade to the cultures.

Here are my wanderings in these often mystical places. The rain and mist enveloped it in a floating atmosphere.

It was not always easy to paint in these conditions but it urged me to reinvent my technique to catch these magical landscapes.

The views were breathtaking once I left the lush forest surrounding the levadas and took height.

Sometimes the walks were too long or it would rain too much, to sit and paint, I rediscovered bigger format sketching . 

This was a glorious walk from Pico Areeiro to Pico Ruivo and back, 16 km, 1200 m down and 1200 m up. At times I thought I would never make it, but was encouraged by young people. It was worth it. The views with the changing clouds and lights were just awesome. The sunset just made it perfect. So follow my steps...