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La Palma is the westernmost island of the Canaries. It is among the wildest compared to the islands that are more developed to the tourism. I chose to explore the Parque Natural de Taburiente that offers new sceneries for me.


Sometimes it takes me time to find my way of grasping the energy of a place, and painting it. This is the moment my wanderings help me find a direction. I had that in La Palma. I needed to walk through the island to find inspiration again.

Drawing plays also an important role in that process by helping me to refocus and hold on.

Accepting I was walking in the mist of my creativity made me want to represent it. The Roque de los Muchachos and its surroundings that are often absorbed by the clouds gave me that opportunity.

Go within to expand again experiencing a new style.

And also make fun of myself as with this shadow valse on David Bowie's Let's dance song

The Taburiente is a wonderful place to explore.

This is the luxury of having time, I can go back many times to the same placeand see it under different lights and atmospheres.