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Printmaking in Tarrafal 2/3

This time I wanted to make a group assignment, and printmaking allows this perfectly!

Combining a series of 5x5cm prints to make a big work was the objective of this workshop.

Each one chose a theme, and made a few different prints.

We then decide all together how to create a bigger work with the small ones.

To finish, I explained that the advantage of printmaking, is that you can reproduce the same image as much as you need. The children then designed the frame.

It was nice to see how they spontaneously divided the tasks. One would ink the plates, the other dry the paper, a the third pass it though the press and the fourth arrange it around the others images to create the group artwork.

It was also remarkable to see how the group's energy helped the children to focus. It was the most obvious with the child inking the plate. At first he would be quite messy while inking. But when he saw the result and how it was actually playing an important role for the artwork, he applied the ink with more and more application. He understood he was playing an important role, and I think it helped him develop his self-confidence.

The magic of a team work had quickly positive effect on the children.

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