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Printmaking in Tarrafal (1/3)

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Sometimes I wonder why I am carrying so much art material onboard Giulia.. I got the answer with this workshop.

I bought this little press from open press project. A 3D mini press at an affordable price seemed to be a must onboard Giulia. I thought it is a nice initiative that you can discover on their page :

I was glad Projeto Educarte welcomed me to give a workshop on etching and linocuts.

We use Tetabrick from fruit juice instead of the Zinc plate. It is easier to engrave, and also ecological. The students draw with a point. Then we put the ink and clean the plate to leave just the ink in the drawing. It was funny, they somehow don't like to do it with their fingers and palm of the hand... which works best.

The paper is humidified in a water bath.

The plate is placed on the press, and the paper on top.

Then the crank is turned to press the paper on the plate and transfer the ink of the drawing.

And this is the result.

Left the drawing, right the inked plate.

They loved it and where very inspired. I was glad they understood it easily and had fun!

The magic of the process. It takes time. You never know and control what will happen.... but are always surprised by the result.

In Giulia's cave of Alibaba I also have chisels to engrave linoleum, and a good roll, a barren, ink to print them.

Here the linoleum is carved to leave the drawing in the relief.

Inking the plate

Transferring the ink on the paper with a barren.

Picture Sophie

Drawing, before engraving..

The beautiful results

The pictures tell the story. I enjoyed this exchange as much as they did. Art language is universal and connects people in a nice way.

With a big thank to Cess -- for the beautiful pictures

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Erik Mertens
Erik Mertens
19 ago 2021

Great!!! Love what you teach!

Me gusta
23 ago 2021
Contestando a

Thank you!

Me gusta
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