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Colours and book with Projeto Educarte

In this workshop, I shared my knowledge about the theory of colours and how to make a book with Japanese bookbinding technique.

I am very fond of the theory of colours by Johannes Itten. It opened a world when my painting teacher taught us this theory back in the 1995. Since then, it is the base of my art. I was glad to share it with the enthusiastic pupils and teachers of Projeto Educarte.

Johannes Itten (11 November 1888 – 25 March 1967) was a Swissexpressionistpainter, designer, teacher, writer and theorist associated with the Bauhaus (Staatliches Bauhaus) school. Together with German-American painter Lyonel Feininger and German sculptor Gerhard Marcks, under the direction of German architect Walter Gropius, Itten was part of the core of the WeimarBauhaus. Source : Wikipedia

Colours contrast are the base of painting. Mastering the contrasts widens the artist's horizon. This blog explains it nicely.

Here a few pictures.

My idea was that they would use this theory to make the cover of their book. Combining colour theory with the creation of their own stamp with a potatoe brought another dimension to their cover.

They were paying much attention to the lesson, and cooperating to sew the book. Helping each other is a quality I appreciate, and I was glad it happened in this workshop.

Projeto Educarte was also glad with the lesson, because they liked the idea of making something useful, and creating their own notebook was certainly welcome.

This was again a rewarding workshop!

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