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Photo: Anne Brøgger Christensen

Photo: Camille Farge

L'Art itinérant d'Eugénie is a dream that came through in Flores, one of the islands of the Archipelago of Azores.
The time I spent there gave me the opportunity to choose a new direction for my life and to dare shine bright.

In July 2016, my Florentine friends – Camille and Marco – offered me to spend with them as much time as I needed to recover from the treatments of breast cancer. I stayed with them until January 2017. I would go for long walks, sit and paint in plein air. I realized then it was the best way for me to come back to life after a tough year. Meeting sailors further nourished my dream of Ocean sailing The bases for L’Art itinérant d’Eugénie were laid. 


PEREGRINATIONS or wanderings connect me to the places I am passing by. I love the slow pace of walking. It is a time to observe, contemplate and let go. It helps me clear my head up, especially, then when my brain was blurred due to the chemotherapies. When I see a theme for a drawing, a painting or a photograph. I take a halt and merge with the place, forgetting the time. After I feel revitalized. 

CREATIONS are the fruit of these wanderings. The more I blend in, the stronger they are. They hold the memory of this unique experience. 

STORIES emerge, let they be visual or written. I have always been a storyteller, mixing fantasy to poetry, and to reality. It is my favourite way to capture the world that surrounds me. Light, shadows, colors, lines, gestures trigger emotions in me and shape my stories.

SOLOSAILING was not part of my original plan. It happened by chance when I bought Giulia, my Contessa 32 in March 2017. With the time I discovered it is another way to wander slowly, on the seas and oceans then, and contact my inner world. None to talk to, combined with the endless horizon strengthens the introspective voyage. It is not always easy, yet always rewarding.

It gives a new dimension to my life and art. 

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