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Juggling in Tarrafal de São Nicolau

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

The nicest way to say goody to the children I shared art with was filming this video "Malabarismo" showing them juggling.

I loved to share painting with the children on the beach and do workshops with Projeto Educarte. It was a touching and enriching experience for me.

I felt at home. In the streets the children I shared these time with would look for me , whistling "Tia, tia, tud dret?"

Leaving was a bit heartbreaking. It was nice to start filming the last day, and be behind the camera, just not to think about it and enjoy the last hours together.

My experience with them and Projeto Educarte taught me that you can do a lot with less. Being there and giving your time outrace the money you spend.

I made this video to help them find support.

A support - it be financial or be your time - means a lot for them. You can trust Projeto Educarte, I assure you. Thank you!

PROJETO EDUCARTE Teresa Mendes & Amelindo Soares Tarrafal de São Nicolau Cabo Verde Banco comercial do Atlantico IBAN: CV6400030000897600181076 SWIFT: BCA.TCV.CV

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